The Practice of Renewal

The Practice of Renewal–Sunday Sermon Script by Pst. Maish.

Pastor Maish's Script

Sharpening the Saw

13 Years ago I joined the Internship at Lifespring Chapel. I was prompted to consider this course soon after completing my undergraduate degree. I had experienced one of the most difficult seasons in my life. For me, life had been relatively easy prior to this season. It caused me to take a good hard inward look for what was most important in my life .

RenewalDuring the internship I was placed under the mentorship and leadership of some great men and women. They taught me lifelong lessons on a variety of topics. I freshly recall lessons in relationships, money, leadership, personal development and spiritual direction. One of the lessons I learnt by reading, coercion and observation was on the importance of rest and renewal.

It was a rule that at a regular interval we were ‘required’ to take a break and retreat. Every week we had to…

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